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The new range of Seahunter Para Military Patrol Boats

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Plymouth Ship Brokerage is proud to announce OUR appointment as Sales Agents for this new exciting range of Para Military Patrol Boats.
Designed by Arun Marine Design in the UK famous for its range of R.N.L.I. Lifeboats.In consultation with military agencies including the United States Coast Guard,US Special Forces,The Canadian Forces Joint Task Force and members of the Swedish Navy Stealth Development Team. The expertise provided by these representatives was then compiled to produce this next generation of coastal Patrol Boats.


LOA 12.162m x Beam 2.461m x Draft .05m
A modern deep V hull gives a fast smooth ride to four / six persons. Twin 300 Hp outboard engines propel the boat to 35 knots cruising to 50 knots maximum.
Specially designed to give a minimal radar signature and is able to be transported as Deck Cargo or for fast deployment in C-130 Hercules aircraft.Range 400 miles at 35 knots
Hull only price from USD 505.000

LOA 14.02m x Beam 2.62m x Draft 0.60m
Is an ultra modern deep V design surveillance and interceptor craft with speeds up to 65 knots emitting minimal radar signature whilst giving its max 10 persons a quite smooth ride. The crew are protected by Level 2 ballistics areas with optional Level 4 available. Range 450 miles at 30 knots.
Hull only price from USD 577.000

LOA 14.02m x Beam 3.2m x Draft 0.63m
Following the successful delivery of two Seahunter 40 models to the Indonesian Navy we are introducing this Patrol Boat for the Indonesian Police Force. Based upon the Seahunter 46 but with extra width to accommodate extra equipment needed for extended deployments in the Pirate infested straits of Malacca. Propulsion is provided by twin inboard Cummins 370 turbo charged Stern drives
Hull only price from USD 587.000

LOA 14.00m x Beam 4.54 x Draft 1.15m
Paramilitary Patrol Boat gives you a little ship feel based on current Life Boat designs and is preferred for prolonged Patrols giving the crew adequate rest and dining areas and is delivered with EU Compliance Certificates.
The twin inboard diesel engines provide variable speeds from 25 knots patrol to 33knots sprint speed.
Range: awaiting sea trial reports.
Hull only price from USD 550.000.

Seahunters are built in Canada or in Indonesia by PT Carita Boat Jakarta, Indonesia. They are constucted either in the latest high tech G.R.P with balistic reinforcing sections or alternatively in Alumunium Alloy.

Engines are not included as each client has differing requirements but as an indication the lowest power is twin 300HP Outboards at USD 65.000.
For a Seahunter 46 producing 60 knots the cost is USD 250.000 while it would be safe to assume that standard power packages would cost in the region of USD150.000 to USD 175.000.
These prices would include all electronic controls for engine and Navigation systems.

Freight costs can vary but to UK ports it is approx USD 30.000 .Quotations are given for World deliveries.

Full specifications can be obtained from ourselves or from the Canadian Manufacturers website

We invite you to discuss your requirements by clicking !Contact! or talk to us direct tel no + 44 (0)1752 816030 Mobile 07768700365.
We have exhibited at the 2009 Defence Systems & Equipement International WWW.DSEI.CO.UK London and received reviews from the online Maritime Journal Magazine, Please view on